Top Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

Top Turkey Recipes for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Caliterra can be a blast! There’s nothing quite like enjoying a Texas Thanksgiving in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Now all you need for an excellent Thanksgiving is the bird, but what’s the best way to cook it? To help you out, we’ve got some tasty turkey recipes that will revolutionize your Thanksgiving in Caliterra.

Texas Thanksgiving turkey recipes

Beer Can Turkey

You’ve heard of beer can chicken, but for Thanksgiving in Caliterra, we’re thinking you should give Beer Can Turkey a shot! There’s no need for the oven for this turkey recipe, just fire up the grill. You’ll be surprised with just how easy this recipe is, and everyone is sure to love it!

Deep Fried Turkey

So we’ve all certainly heard some disastrous stories about people deep frying turkeys, but the key is to make sure that your turkey is 100% thawed. Just follow the instructions from H-E-B for their Deep Fried Turkey and you should be set for one tasty bird!

Bourbon Smoked Turkey

If you’re willing to put a little more work into your Texas Thanksgiving, then this Bourbon Smoked Turkey recipe is where it’s at. You’ll need quite a few more ingredients and prep time than the first two turkey recipes, but trust us when we say it’s beyond worth it! We’d recommend doing a larger turkey for this recipe because every one of your guests will want to devour every ounce.

We hope one of these three turkey recipes inspires you for an extra tasty Thanksgiving in Caliterra. To keep with this being a true Texas Thanksgiving, you can pick up all the ingredients you need this Thanksgiving at the local H-E-B in Dripping Springs! Show us how you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Caliterra by sharing your turkey pics with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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