Water Conservation Tips at Caliterra in Dripping Springs

Water Conservation Tips at Caliterra in Dripping Springs

With recent shortages happening in the area, it’s time that we all got smart about how we use the most valuable resource on the planet – water. To help you do your part for the globe, we’re sharing some great water conservation tips at Caliterra in Dripping Springs.

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Turn Off the Tap When…

One of the easiest ways you can start using less water without having to make any compromises is to simply turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth or washing your hands. You’d be surprised just how much water goes right down the drain while you’re keeping cavities away or lathering on the soap.

Fix Your Leaks

Since all the homes in our master-planned community are luxurious, new homes, you shouldn’t have any leaks. However, if you haven’t made the move to Caliterra in Dripping Springs yet and you live in an older home, then you’ll want to look out for any leaks in your pipes or faucets.

Cut Your Showers Short

Who doesn’t love a long, hot shower after a long day? While that shower may feel great, it’s wasting a lot of water! Start cutting down how long you and the rest of your family spend in the shower. To make sure you’re truly saving as much water as you can while showering, switch out your shower heads with a WaterHawk Smart Shower Head. It’ll monitor how much water you use while showering so you can keep track and keep down your water usage.

Collect the Rain

When it comes to your garden and lawn, there’s nothing better for it than natural rainwater. Rather than running your sprinklers with municipal water, switch to using rainwater that you harvest. Not only will you see a huge drop in your water usage, but you’ll also feel good knowing you’re helping the environment.

Switch to Xeriscaping

If you want to go above and beyond with how you maintain your yard and overall landscape, you could switch to the highly-efficient xeriscaping. Of all these water conservation tips, this one will take the most work, but can have the highest return. Xeriscaping is a special landscaping method that requires little to no irrigation. By using plants that require very little care, not only will you save a lot of water, but you’ll also save time.

It’s time we all do our part and use these water conservation tips to become more efficient in our use of water. If you’d like to know about the specific water conservation efforts being made in our master-planned community, contact Caliterra in Dripping Springs today, and discover what being at home with nature truly means.

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