Ways to Save Money on Lawn Maintenance

Ways to Save Money on Lawn Maintenance

The cost of keeping your lawn green and beautiful can be pretty steep. While Caliterra living is all about being at home with nature, it’s not about spending all your time and money on having the greenest yard. So today, the master-planned community of Caliterra is sharing a few ways you can save money on lawn maintenance.

Automatic sprinkler

Water Wisely

The last thing your want to do is over-water. A healthy lawn only needs about an inch of water a week, and that’s counting rainfall. By over-watering or even having a sprinkler system set on a timer, you could be wasting a lot of water and money.

Take a Little Off the Top

You also don’t want to mow your yard too short because while you may think it’ll result in you having to mow less, it will actually result in a weaker grass. A scalped lawn creates weak, shallow roots that will make you have to put more money into keeping your grass green and healthy.

Feed Your Lawn

Instead of buying fertilizer to feed your lawn, just use the grass clippings from when you mowed. You’ll not only be depositing nutrients back into the ground but also save money on fertilizers.

Learn to Accept Weeds

While this might seem counterintuitive, some weeds are actually good for your lawn. Dandelions have deep roots that help bring grass-nurturing calcium to the surface, and the bacteria and fungi that grow on the roots of clover take nitrogen from the air and feed it back into the soil.

Lawn maintenance can get rather expensive, so know what your lawn needs and don’t over do it. Your lawn will only use what it needs, and any extra water or fertilizer will simply wash away. Use these tips to save some money and be at home with nature. To learn more about active living in the master-planned community of Caliterra in Dripping Springs, visit the Caliterra living website today.

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