Winery Wednesday in Dripping Springs

Winery Wednesday in Dripping Springs

Whether it’s after a long day curled up by a fire or while having a nice meal with friends and family, wine can be the perfect thing to accent the evening. You may have always wanted to go to Napa Valley in California and take a tour of a winery, but you don’t have to travel far for the same great experience! With the soil in and around Dripping Springs being so fertile, there are some excellent wineries that are nestled all around. Here are three Texas hill country wineries that every wine lover should check out because it’s Winery Wednesday!


Driftwood Estate Winery
This winery is just a short drive from Dripping Springs in Driftwood, Texas. Made with Texas pride and high-quality grapes, Driftwood Estate doesn’t mess around when it comes to their wine. Not only do they offer a great wine, but also a great view. The winery sits on a bluff so you can enjoy fine wine and a majestic view of this Texas hill country winery!

Sidecar Tasting Room
Owned by Bell Springs Winery in Dripping Springs, the Sidecar Tasting Room has a great atmosphere. Sidecar calls themselves, “Prohibition Wine Bar in the Heart of Historic Dripping Springs, Texas.” Offering not just wines, but also premium wine cocktails made by Bell Spring Winery. The Sidecar is open Monday – Friday at 2 – 6 pm for happy hour. It’s the perfect new hot spot for you to try after a long day at work!

Duchman Family Winery
Drs. Lisa and Stan Duchman opened their winery in 2004 with the goal of bringing world-class wine to central Texas and the Texas hill country. They noticed that many of the weather patterns in parts of Texas mirror those in part of Italy where wine grapes are grown. The Duchman Family decided that they could get the magical taste of Italian wine and add their Texan pride to make superb wines. The winery is located near Dripping Springs, in Driftwood, Texas.

These Texas hill country wineries are just some of the many great things you can do in and around Dripping Springs. Try them all and pick your favorite Texas winery. Go out on a romantic date, or just a night out with a group of friends. No matter how you try these Texas hill country wineries, you’re guaranteed to have a great experience and great wine!