Why is Winter the Best Time to Buy?

Why is Winter the Best Time to Buy?

Those who are looking to make the big move into the home of their dreams within Caliterra Dripping Springs may be holding off until spring, but some may argue that Winter is the best time to buy. Here are some reasons making the move during the winter months might be the right call:

Sellers Are Motivated
Homeowners who list their homes during the winter months are usually needing to get out of their home by a certain date. This can be used to your advantage as most homeowners are more willing to negotiate which can lead to a favorable deal.

Lower Home Prices
During the months of December, January, and February, homes around the country are found to be at their lowest prices of the year. This increases your purchasing power and can get you more bank for you buck.

Lower Competition
People generally aren’t looking to move out during the winter months which means less competition for you. Less competition means fewer chances of there being multiple offers on a single property.

Experience the Seasons
When searching for a new home, it can be a real benefit to see your potential house during the winter months. Does the heating system function properly? Were drafts coming through the windows? Did you feel cold when touring the house? These are all important questions that could impact your quality of living.

Realtor Availability
The lack of activity during the winter months leads to more attention from your real estate agent and lenders which can speed up the home buying process.

Caliterra Dripping Springs offers both an active lifestyle and a family fun place no matter the season. From the welcome center to the 33-acre eco-park and the adventure club to the treehouse park there is always something to do to achieve an active lifestyle!

With more active lifestyle amenities coming in the near future, now really is the best time to make the move to Caliterra in Dripping Springs, TX!